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Famous Places in Johannesburg, the Biggest City in South Africa

Exploring Johannesburg is just like never ending story. It has so many interesting places and amusement sites. As the biggest city in South Africa, it’s very much easy for you to get here. There are many flights to Johannesburg from big cities around the world. Kulula Flights is one of the biggest flight in South Africa.

This city is also the wealthiest and, without doubt, the economic powerhouse of the whole Africa. For the first-time visitor in Johannesburg, or Jozi as it’s more commonly known, could be a bit daunting, more or less because of the misrepresentation from the media of Johannesburg as something of a war zone. There is crime, you do need to keep your wits about you, but once you’ve bitten by the vibe of Jozi, you are going to want to come back again.

First, just stroll down your feet to Miseum of Apartheid. The Apartheid … Read More

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6 Fashion Essentials for Ski Holidays

With the autumn/winter season heading our way, we can finally start looking at skiing holidays ready for the snow. But taking a pair of ski boots and a thick coat shouldn’t be the only things on your checklist. Ski resorts offer plenty of things to do, and if you’re lucky, you might be local to a busy town or city. Here’s a look at six essential fashion items to take away for the cold weather.

Thick Knit Sweaters

The staple for any winter holiday. Depending on the weather, a loose-knit sweater can be useful for both the evening for as a layer while skiing. Matching it up with a white longline tee or a check shirt underneath works perfectly as warm evening attire. The colour pallet can be anything you fancy, but usually darker winter colours best suit the layered look.

Work Boots

Time to dust off the Timberlands, workwear Read More

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Goa: A few things that make it a Refreshing place for you

If you are a traveling buff and love to steal time from your busy days for adventure, fun, and joviality then you are truly living your life. Come on, if you would even have to go to another city for a slice of fun and enjoyment; you should not hesitate to do that. If you live in a city like Mumbai and you are tired of the daily routine, packed schedule and so much of workload; it is time to go for a quick trip to Goa.

Now don’t give any excuses and pick Mumbai to Goa ixigo Flights Fare. These flights would take you there within a short time. It would be so upbeat and refreshing for you. After all, you should give yourself some time off from the daily burdens and stressful schedules. You can always pick the options that are important to you. You can note … Read More

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Travel Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

If you’re going on a weekend getaway this summer, then no doubt you’ve got some serious packing to do. Whether you’re embarking on an exciting road trip adventure or jet-setting off to another city, here’s a guide to the travel essentials you’ll be needing for your stay:

Journey Essentials

If you’re catching a flight to your destination or hopping on a train, there are some journey must-haves you won’t want to travel without. For plane journeys, nothing passes the time better than a good book. Stock up on a couple so you can read in your downtime during your trip too. There are also newspaper and magazine apps you can download on your phone to read on the journey, which is great if you’re limited to suitcase space. Make sure you bring a bottle of water and antibacterial wipes or hand gel (which always comes in useful).

What to Pack

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The Perfect off Road Adventure: How to Plan Your Next Trip

There’s nothing quite like an off-road trip. Armed with food, supplies, and a vehicle prepared for the uneven terrain, outdoor enthusiasts venture into the wilderness. The off road trip planner may struggle during the preparation process, however. From choosing essential equipment to deciding on a destination, the planning process is filled with difficult decisions. Here are a few tips for off-road aficionados trying to plan their next trip.

Develop the Skills for the Terrain

Not all terrains require the same driving skill set. If you’re going off-road in the desert, for example, you’ll need a different set of skills than if you were going off-road in a muddy forest. Before you begin your trip, practice with your vehicle in a controlled environment. Make sure you know how to deal with potential obstacles, whether they’re likely to be sand dunes or unmovable boulders. If you need extra help, seek training from … Read More

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