Fun Facts About Emirates Airlines

Many of us have had the pleasure of traveling in an Emirates flight at some point of our lives. And all of us know that Emirates has earned a name for itself amongst the best airlines of the whole world. Well we are here to enlighten you about the going ones of this airline and the vast empire behind it. We have collected some fun facts that are bound to astonish and surprise you at the same time. So gain some knowledge and broaden your horizons by reading these fun facts about Emirates Airlines. And if you haven’t done it already then start booking your airline tickets for your summer vacations starting today.

1. The center for all activity for Emirates is in Dubai. Seeing as this is an Arab owned company this should not come as a shock that the headquarters would be located in the gulf too. So … Read More

How to Manage Gout Attack During Flight: A Summary

Gout attacks are fairly common while travelling by air. This is something that you may not have heard or given a thought, but here is some important information that you need to consider while you are onboard especially when you forget to take your Gout medication before boarding.

There are two important factors that can trigger gout flares particularly while flying; this can be due to lack of mobility or due to dehydration. Therefore it is recommended to make sure that you always keep blood in circulation by regular movements and always keep yourself hydrated. The economy seats on a plane hardly give you enough leg space to move. Your legs are always cramped unless you have a smaller frame. Anyways do remember that you have the privilege to ask for water and other fluids during a flight.

Due to sluggish blood circulation especially when plasma is over saturated and … Read More

Advantages of Traveling From London to Paris by Eurostar Train

Eurostar started its operations underneath English Channel in November 1994 via Channel Tunnel. It was an amazing experience for those traveling from London to Paris. Eurostar trains are a cheaper way of travelling than other travel options such as Flights and Ferries. As a faster, comfortable and cheaper transport option today it has been known as a lifeline of Western Europe.

Tickets for Eurostar can be booked online via official site of Eurostar or Rail Europe. London to Paris train tickets is available just from £59. Tickets can be collected at St. Pancras railway station. You can also avail the facility of various discounts and travel deals thus reducing your cost of travel. You can get many last minute deals, but for this you must have a flexible travel plan. You can also get high discount on Eurostar train tickets if you book your tickets many days in advance.

While … Read More

Omega 35705000 Speedmaster Review

Are you in need of a mechanical chronograph watch? If you are, then you should look into the Omega Men’s 3570.50.00 Speedmaster. This watch is being sold at $3,600 to around $3,850 depending on the store where you make the purchase. Omega is a name you can trust, and if you love round-shape watches, you’ve found the perfect product.

Here are the product features that set the Omega Men’s 3570.50.00 Speedmaster apart from its major competitors:

• Mechanical hand-wind chronograph

• Power reserve

• Luminescent hour and hands markers; Hesalite crystal

• Tachymeter and chronograph functions

• Black dial, and case of stainless steel

• Water resistant

Are you familiar with the Omega Seamaster professional? This is the watch used by James Bond characters like Pierce Brosnan. Sports and screen stars also use the watch such as Anna Kournikova, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, and Nicole Kidman.

The Omega Speedmaster is … Read More

A Balanced Scorecard Case Study on the Aviation BSC

In such disparate fields as education and aviation, BSC or the balanced scorecard approach is a strategic management tool that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The Balanced Scorecard is the title of a book released in 1996 by Robert S. Kaplan and David P.

Norton who formulated this strategic management system. You might be surprised to know that the balanced scorecard is indeed an effective strategic management tool in the aviation industry, and this is clear in the formulation and implementation of the aviation BSC itself.

In the balanced scorecard system, organizations are encouraged to measure not only their financial outputs, but also the many other factors that lead to these financial outputs. The term “balanced scorecard” itself refers to a tool, usually in the form of a table or matrix, which aims to help managers incorporate these various measures, both quantitative and abstract. For example, in an … Read More