Rawai Beach Pier @ Phuket (Thailand)

Rawai Beach Pier @ Phuket (Thailand)


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There are lots of travel apps but Hopper, a new entrant into the market, searches billions of flight data records to predict when you should buy to get the best price. Hopper App looks for the cheapest days to travel, the cheapest airports, and the lowest flight prices in order to save you time and money.

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Heer Damodar

Heer Damodar — revived in translation

The love-legend of Heer-Ranjha has been narrated by as many as 42 different poets. No other epic in world literature is known to have achieved this distinction. Among the surviving versions of the story, Damodar’s Heer is probably the oldest.

The gifted poet has left little behind about himself except the repeated chants such as “name Damodar, caste Gulhati” in the mesmerising tale, which has been the subject of numerous movies and stage plays over the decades on either side of the Pakistan-India divide. The storyline, characters, tribes and places have almost been the same in every telling with minor changes. For instance, Waris Shah names Heer’s mother as Malki but Damodar calls her Kundi.

Researchers could barely unearth scant details about the writer of this variant of Heer such as that he was a Sikh named Damodar Das Arora, a resident of Jhang, … Read More

About The Air Travel Trust

In case your reply was Expedia — or any of the opposite dozens of on-line travel businesses — you are wrong. Communicable illnesses may be transmitted to different travelers throughout air travel; due to this fact, people who find themselves acutely unwell, or nonetheless within the infectious interval for a specific disease, ought to delay their travel until they’re no longer contagious.

Most importantly, when workers make their reservations exterior of Egencia, Yale Travel Administration is restricted in our means to help with waivers and favors” from the airlines and different most well-liked travel suppliers in instances of need due to unexpected circumstances.

In-craft environmental conditions, reminiscent of adjustments in cabin stress and low humidity, coupled with the physiologic changes of pregnancy, do result in variations, together with elevated coronary heart rate and blood pressure, and a major lower in cardio capability (three, four). The risks associated with long hours … Read More

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