4 Reasons to Visit Wisconsin

Visit Wisconsin

While America’s coasts are popular tourist destinations, there’s plenty to see in the nation’s interior. The Upper Midwest offers many hidden gems to delight travelers, and Wisconsin is a prime example. From culture to cryptozoology, relaxation to recreation, there’s something in The Badger State to delight anyone. Here are some of its highlights.

The Sports

Wisconsin’s vast expanses of forests and hills are a sportsman’s paradise. The state is regarded as one of the nation’s best for deer hunting, and it supports a healthy population of game birds. It’s also a favorite among anglers, especially those looking to fish in the Great Lakes, of which two border Wisconsin. There are 2,500 miles of hiking and biking trails to choose from and you’ll have no trouble finding an excellent camping place Kieler WI or elsewhere in the state.

The Ghosts

Not many states can claim to host the most ghosts per square mile, but Wisconsin certainly does. The state was home to notorious serial killer Ed Gein and also boasts one of the nation’s most terrifying cryptids, a werewolf creature known as the Beast of Bray Road. It’s become most notorious, however, for the haunted Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Many celebrities, including numerous professional baseball players such as Bryce Harper, Pablo Sandoval and Giancarlo Stanton, have reported seeing the famous phantom.

The Cities

Wisconsin’s metropolitan centers offer all the luxuries of the big city. Fine dining, performing arts venues and other cultural activities are plentiful in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Public Museum is famous for its display of international villages, a treat for visitors of any age, and the Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the largest in the world. Other highlights include the Harley-Davidson Museum and more than three dozen breweries located in and around the city.

Wisconsin may be America’s Dairyland, but it’s also one of America’s very best places to visit. Be sure to check out all the state has to offer.