5 Reasons to Vacation to the Tiny Easter Island in the World

Easter Island in Chile is arguably remote in the world. But there are many exciting things that tourists can find there. Or maybe you can try new st john virgin islands rentals, it’s popular now.

Great legendary stone statues on Easter Island have never escaped the minds of tourists. This most isolated island has the closest distance to the mainland as far as 3,218 kilometers from Chile.

Rapa Nui, a local call to Easter Island, this volcanic island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is a cultural center in Polynesia. Airlines LAN Airlines from Chile has flights from Santiago to Easter Island several times a week with a duration of five hours.

Easter Island

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Easter Island:

  1. Moai Statue

A total of nearly one thousand pieces, Moai (monolithic human sculptures carved from a rock) are spread throughout Easter Island. This is the main reason tourists come there even if only once in a lifetime.

Moai statues are from the 12th century and are up to 10 meters high. Excavated in the 1970s, all the standing statues face the land. Every moai is different, like caricatures, some are fat, thin, big, small, tattooed or called complicated writings which also include petroglyphs, written languages ​​that only exist in Oceania.

  1. Tapati Festival

Most historians agree that Polynesian sailors arrived around 400 AD, but no one knows for sure. Until there were some people, who suggested the existence of a relationship with extraterrestrials.

Until 1722, when the Dutch expedition arrived, Rapa Nui had communicated with the outside world. At that time, the Moai Statue was still standing, and the local population numbered around 20,000. Today, the total island population is 5,000 people. 4 times less than the people, but the island’s culture is still alive with activities and festivals that are filled with throwing spears, tobogganing, dancing, and body painting.

The peak celebration of the Tapati Festival is Haka Pei. Male residents (wearing only a small waist cloth) toboggan down the Maunga Pui volcano with a banana tree trunk. What is left of this trip is considered a winner. There are also dancing competitions, carnivals, food exhibitions and the coronation of the queen of Tapati.

  1. Volcanoes

Easter Island mainly consists of three volcanoes that are already inactive, the names of which are Terevaka, Poike, and Rano Kau. The youngest of the three, Terevaka formed a large part of the island which also provided volcanic rocks to be carved into Moai.

Rano You has a large and impressive crater. The view is 360 degrees Easter Island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Food

In Kaloa, Poerava Restaurant in Hangaroa Eco Village is probably the best place to eat on the island. This restaurant serves delicious grilled tuna and other local foods according to the availability of ingredients.

  1. Eco-friendly lodging

The spotlight for most tourists is that the environment is environmentally friendly. On the southeastern side of the island, there is Posada de Mike Rapu, whose entire building is made of local wood and upholds the privacy of its guests.

Opened in 2007, the inn was the first in South America to receive LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the United States Green Building Council. Having 30 rooms, the view directly to the savanna to the Pacific Ocean.