6 Fashion Essentials for Ski Holidays

With the autumn/winter season heading our way, we can finally start looking at skiing holidays ready for the snow. But taking a pair of ski boots and a thick coat shouldn’t be the only things on your checklist. Ski resorts offer plenty of things to do, and if you’re lucky, you might be local to a busy town or city. Here’s a look at six essential fashion items to take away for the cold weather.

Thick Knit Sweaters

The staple for any winter holiday. Depending on the weather, a loose-knit sweater can be useful for both the evening for as a layer while skiing. Matching it up with a white longline tee or a check shirt underneath works perfectly as warm evening attire. The colour pallet can be anything you fancy, but usually darker winter colours best suit the layered look.

Work Boots

Time to dust off the Timberlands, workwear boots both look good and offer you a sensible show to walk around in. The heavyweight and gripped sole help you to move around in the cold weather and will complete your winter look with something that offers the outfit winter value!


After a tiring day of skiing, you need something you can wander around the resort in, but your pyjamas aren’t going to be the best idea. A fitted tracksuit or a Muscle Fit Hoodie are ideal for looking good and feel comfortable simultaneously. Consider the material of the hoody you pick out and be sure you are getting a fleeced top and bottoms, so it’s suitable for the cold weather.


The majority of skiers wear helmets for safety on the slopes, but when you’re wondering around through the day and night, a beanie might come in useful for keeping you warm. Try to avoid the fisherman small styled beanies and go for something thicker and slightly oversized, they tend to match more outfit styles and work well.

Wool Trousers

Smart and efficient, skinny jeans might be the popular choice in the UK, but they aren’t the best for keeping you warm. Wool trousers with a shirt/ jumper will be great for the evening, it might not be something you don’t tend to wear frequently, ankle grazers are a popular choice in the UK, but they might not be during the snowy holidays.