6 Places to Take a Taxi in Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey, is a city with much to see. Without a doubt, it is home to some beautiful and interesting history, stories and sightings. When you visit, one of the best ways to travel around this small-yet-fun-filled area is by taxi.

Whether you are checking out the city and decide to take local taxi services Princeton NJ, or your route goes around the entire state, there are numerous places for you to stop along the way. Here are just six Princeton places to consider:

1. The Library

While many tourists overlook libraries when they visit old cities, they are actually an excellent source of local historical information.

2. The University

Obviously, you cannot visit Princeton, New Jersey, without visiting the world-renowned University of Princeton. As one of the world’s top educational institutes, it is a must-see for everyone.

3. The Restaurants

Another way to get a feel for Princeton is by taking a tour of the many restaurants. If you want to check out the bars as well, taking a taxi can be especially useful for making sure you stay safe!

4. The Bookstores

As one of the most educated cities in the United States, Princeton has bookstores that do not disappoint. From the university bookstore to small independent shops, there are many options.

5. The Churches 

Like many northeastern cities in the U.S., Princeton is home to many beautiful and old churches and chapels. With architecture unlike anything you see today, you will not want to miss these sights!

6. The Museums 

Finally, Princeton’s museums offer visitors another well-rounded way to experience the city and appreciate its history. By offering numerous options, the city provides multiple ways for spreading knowledge.

The next time you are around Princeton, New Jersey, and you want to explore by taxi, consider this list of ideas for some fun options to try. Each of these places can give you a different kind of understanding of the city.