A Girls Guide to a Weekend Away in Adelaide, Australia

The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide, is famous for its vibrant food culture, rich wine-growing regions, and iconic festivals. The city is always bustling with activity and fun, and the social calendar is packed with rip-roaring events. Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s best speakeasy bars, fine dining establishments, and high-end boutiques.

The city has two sides: a glitzy and glamorous metropolis and a delightful treasure trove of breathtaking beaches and wineries. Which side are you planning to explore? We suggest exploring both sides to carve a balance between cosmopolitan and coastal splendors.

Our detailed guide will help you plan the perfect weekend getaway for you and the girls.

Go Beach-Hopping across Adelaide

Adelaide delights beach lovers with an array of beaches, eclectic beach bars, stunning coastal scenery, and wild waterfront festivals. Glenelg is the most popular beach for families and water sports lovers, and this popular attraction is always packed with tourists. Glenelg beach offers a metropolitan experience with a string of high-end boutiques, lavish restaurants, and upscale cafes.

Brighton Beach has a more relaxed and bohemian vibe with its abundance of fish and chip joints, amazing puds, and spectacular views of the ocean. Seafood lovers are advised to visit Henley Beach to enjoy an opulent fine dining experience with splendid views. Henley is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Adelaide, and it’s the perfect beach for an enjoyable, solitary swim in the ocean.

The Semaphore beach attracts travelers with its vibrant Art Deco architecture, historic pubs, and the longest stretch of white sand and azure waters. If you adore shopping, Semaphore beach will overwhelm you with temptation from every nook and cranny. Semaphore Roadhouses some of the best thrift shops, vintage clothing stores, and high-end boutiques to explore in Adelaide.

We always urge travelers to save up on airfare and accommodation so they can splurge on retail pleasures. It’s wise to compare different airlines and packages to enjoy comfort and safety without burning a hole in your pocket. Travelers prefer airlines like Cathay Pacific that combine luxury and comfort in a competitively priced package. Booking your seats in advance is an age-old trick to save money and spend on experiences that enrich your vacation – like shopping!

Enjoy a Multicultural Feast at Africola

Imagine feasting on Africa’s rich and vibrant flavors in the southern heartland of Australia, isn’t that splendid? Africola is one of the most popular fine dining establishments in the city and the ultimate spot to enjoy a lively dinner with your girls.

Africola stands out with its traditional speakeasy-like ambiance, inventive décor, and amazingly crafty menu. Their exquisitely plated spreads of savory vegetables sprouted lentils, traditional African delicacies, and balanced Middle Eastern are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Prepare yourself for a wild gastronomic adventure that will take you on a culinary whirlwind of exploring diverse cultural roots and flavors.

You must try their fried cauliflower, richly seasoned eggplant, and sardine lathered in spicy harissa. Meat lovers would want to sample the savory lamb curry, served in a glazed bun, or the slow-cooked cow’s head paired with their signature condiment, the boom chakalakka.

Shop at the Adelaide Central Markets

Women adore shopping malls and marketplaces, and the Adelaide Central Markets offer the best of both worlds: retail therapy and street food!

The largest marketplace in Southern Australia, the Central Markets is home to more than 70 vendors and outlets selling apparel, antiques, fresh produce, ethically farmed meats, vegan cheese blends, and handcrafted goods. Australia’s vegan food scene is incredibly fascinating, and the Central Markets offer a firsthand glimpse into ethical farming and farm-to-table produce culture.

There’s much to shop and explore here; even if you’re not planning to splurge on retail, you must visit the markets. Central Markets are a street food haven for a multicultural gastronomic experience. The markets are brimming with street vendors, outdoor food stalls, and eclectic cafes selling all kinds of deep-fried, steamed, stuffed, and wrapped treats.

Central Markets has immense cultural and historical significance as the oldest food marketplace in Australia. Food lovers should consider booking a guided tour to learn about the various food offerings and local culture.

Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

Whether you’re a passionate art lover or a ravenous history buff, the Art Gallery of South Australia deserves a spot on your itinerary. Home to over 42,000 iconic artworks, paintings, artisanal handicrafts, and furniture pieces, this gallery will open up an enticing world of colonial history and aboriginal cultures.

It will introduce you to the poignant beauty and charm of Australia’s diverse cultural fabric. Feasting one’s eyes on the exquisitely handcrafted and rich-toned aboriginal art is an unforgettable experience that will enrich your mind with cultural sensitivity. Every exhibit in the gallery has a distinct theme and an expertly curated display of awe-inspiring pieces.

Celebrate the Iconic Fringe Festival

Are you planning to visit Adelaide between February to March? In that case, you have a terrific opportunity to experience the iconic Fringe Festival – the second-largest art festival in the world.

Fringe Festival is an annual month-long festival that transforms Adelaide into an unpretentiously wild land of art, magic, and music. This festival is unlike any other, with over 1300 events and an exciting line-up of over 7500 artists who fly into Adelaide from all over the world.

Adelaide has a glorious reputation in global bohemian circuits and the festival radar, and Fringe Festival is not an experience you want to miss, especially if you’re in the city around that time. If you cannot manage a spring vacation, do not despair, for there’s an abundance of other festivals and events to attend. After all, Adelaide is the city of festivals, and there’s always something magical and fun on the social radar.

Final Thoughts

Adelaide is the ultimate destination for a girls’ trip, whether you’re traveling solo or with your girl gang. There’s so much to do, see and explore, from retail therapy at high-end boutiques and thrift stores to hiking through scenic conversation parks and lounging at upscale beach bars all day. You can dress to the nines at night and hit the city’s finest dining establishments, hip clubs, and luxury resorts.

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