Some Most Charming Islands to Travel

Basically traveling means a trip or a journey to some distant places. It usually refers to visiting more than one places. A person travels for both delight and knowledge. Over the ages, people cruised over the thundering ocean, traveled on foot to see the babbling fountains, and climbed the snow-capped mountains. Tourists and pioneers visited countries far and near in the past and left behind accounts of their encounters which enriched our history and civilization.

Most people travel as part of their daily routine, not only because it is just enjoyable but also because it has a lot of things to offer. You might be familiar with the saying, “The world is a book; those who do not travel read only a page”.

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Five Hidden Treasures in Italy

Italy is famous for its awe-inspiring art, the mesmerizing architecture and the historic ruins. The delectable food, scenic countryside and irresistible wines of this country make it one of those destinations which travelers love to visit over and over again. The history, the culture, and the iconic cities make Italy one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, most of the tourists restrict their travel to only the famous cities like Rome or Venice or Florence. There is a vast new world outside of these well-known cities. Very few people rent one of the luxurious Italian country villas, and explore these destinations which are lesser known to the people outside Italy, but as breathtakingly beautiful as their famous counterparts. If you want to get off the beaten path when you travel to Italy, here are five of the lesser known destinations in Italy for you to check out.


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Traveling Across the Land for Your First Date

How would you like to travel across the land (or world) for your first date? In today’s techno driven world, with all the technology enhanced ways of meeting people from the internet and beyond it is no surprise that you may have to one day travel some distance to meet up. According to an article, the internet has made the world a smaller place while it still remains pretty large especially if you wind up traveling to another country to meet the person of your dreams. There are even companies out there that hook people up so that they can travel the world to meet for first dates. According to an article, a dating website called Miss Travel will connect those who love to travel with others around the world in order to date and communicate. What is most appealing about this dating site is that you can have your … Read More

Edinburgh – 10 Amazing Things to See and Do

I love Scotland. I even lived there once, albeit briefly because of a doomed romance. I especially love Edinburgh. Easy to get to thanks to cheap domestic and international flights, its old and beautiful buildings stand proudly alongside new developments and of course there is a fantastic castle to visit. The shopping is to die for and the bars are full of friendly Scots. So if you are planning a trip up to the capital of this beautiful country, have a glance at my favorite things to do there.

  1. Buy a hop on/hop off bus ticket – definitely worth the money and allows you to see the whole of the city without the sore feet! If the weather is nice the top deck is open and they run quite frequently, every 15 mins or so.
  2. Visit Edinburgh Castle – very typical tourist but the castle really is spectacular. The
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The Trend to Homemade Chocolate

What makes a good chocolate, how is it made and what is simply customer cheat? Georg Beer (45) wanted to know and research, but also tasted. The owner of Beers Backhaus (Beer himself runs the family business in 5th generation) wrote a book about the results.

As a trained pastry chef, I used to make chocolate myself. Now I wanted to test the worldwide chocolate market – I tried products from 38 countries – and write a book about it.

For this, I have tried three chocolate bars daily, but not completely eaten. In most cases, I was only able to give a piece, five to ten grams maximum. Or half a praline, I have also tested chocolates. And the longer my experiment went, the smaller portions I needed. In very rare cases, if something tasted very good, I then have eaten the entire bar.

At first, I had very … Read More