Four Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

How many times have you searched for a hotel with the amenities you prefer and near the things you want to see while on vacation? Generally, it is impossible to find both. Choosing a vacation rental can provide a lot of benefits that are not otherwise available.


Rather than being confined to one or two rooms, renting a home or condo offers plenty of space. There are separate bedrooms so when it is time for bed, the kids have their own space. A living room offers a place to relax and watch television or plan the next day’s adventures. Typically a home will have a laundry area that eliminates the need to share the facilities with other vacationers.


Eating out the entire time you are on vacation can be expensive. A vacation home has a kitchen offering a place to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner instead of having to go out for every meal. You can enjoy your morning coffee or tea without jumping up, getting dressed, and driving to a restaurant or convenience store. Many hotels have a continental breakfast and coffee makers in the room, but generally, you have to get up early to catch the breakfast before it is gone.


When staying in a home rather than a hotel, there is much more privacy. Many homes have pools allowing guests to swim without vying for space. Should you choose a home near or on the beach, you can also expect it to be less crowded than going to a public beach. Seabreeze Rentals is an example of a company that offers North Carolina beachfront rentals.


Most of the time a vacation rental is not as expensive as a hotel. They are generally rented by the week or month. However, sometimes you can get a discount if you want to rent it for the entire month. If you save money on the accommodations, you might find you have an extra day or so to spend enjoying the area.

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