Goa: A few things that make it a Refreshing place for you

If you are a traveling buff and love to steal time from your busy days for adventure, fun, and joviality then you are truly living your life. Come on, if you would even have to go to another city for a slice of fun and enjoyment; you should not hesitate to do that. If you live in a city like Mumbai and you are tired of the daily routine, packed schedule and so much of workload; it is time to go for a quick trip to Goa.

Now don’t give any excuses and pick Mumbai to Goa ixigo Flights Fare. These flights would take you there within a short time. It would be so upbeat and refreshing for you. After all, you should give yourself some time off from the daily burdens and stressful schedules. You can always pick the options that are important to you. You can note down the spots that you would be exploring in Goa once you are there. In this way, you would not have to waste any time at filtering the places for exploration. What you can do is you can have a look at some of the most popular spots in Goa below and make up your mind accordingly:

Palolem Beach

Popular for its sun-kissed and lengthy expanses of silvery beaches; the city gets and enjoys a huge number of tourists throughout the year. You can see a lot of people fondly spending a lot of time on the beaches. The most visited beach of this place is Palolem Beach. Though there are huts and shacks in the beach yet the beach has always been popular and is still famous.  The gorgeous beach has always been adored. The south end of this beach always stays busy. Whereas, the northern portion of this beach is restricted by high tide from Shallow River remains calm and quiet. Similarly, it might also interest you that there is an island that can be reached at the time of low tides.  You can easily take a glimpse of dolphins playing and bouncing around in the bay.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

It is highly recommended to visit this Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.  It is situated near Molem. It can be a retreat for the wildlife and nature lovers and paparazzi. If you are nature lovers then you can easily find some sort of peace at this place in the midst of Mother Nature.  You can even encounter major wild animals such as sloth bear and panther, mouse and other species can also be witnessed at this place as it is one of the main wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. An impressive range of birds and pleasing flora and fauna is also going to captivate the attention of the guests.

Night life

The populations of Goa admire to party and throw parties on beaches. Hence, it makes the entire place lively and beautiful at night. The beaches of this place make a wonderful place for nightlife and tourists who like to wander at night can visit these spots. The most vibrant activities in Goa are Leisure cruises and Rave parties. Conclusion

Thus, you can think about your trip or you can visit here ixigo.com and fix a weekend for a goa trip!

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