Happy and Relaxing Days in Taormina

Shall we get to know more about Taormina in Sicily? When we talk about Sicily and the best holiday in Sicily, the thoughts always go to Taormina. It is one of the cities in Sicily that registers the largest influx of tourists every year, so if you want to avoid that, it would be better to choose a period different from July/August.

Taormina is harmoniously situated on a cliff, facing the sea, the water rises and hides the white beaches that extend between the cracks of the cliffs, which stretch until they touch the small points that appear in the marine waters.  Here a Taormina Villa Rental with pool looks amazing. Is this enough to want to go visit Taormina?

Something about Taormina

Taormina is a small jewel of Sicily, situated between the crystalline sea of a thousand blends and Mount Etna, which from above dominates the whole territory. The little town is picked up; many of the roads are narrow, but all of them conserve that characteristic essence of Italy. Some of the small restaurants with tables on the sidewalk are there to make you experience a great specialty of the place and enjoy the freshness of the shade of the trees.

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Taormina pleases, and the reasons are many. It is hard not to love this small, quiet and elegant town that looks out to sea, and which among its treasures is the Isola Bella, the town will surprise you, connected to the mainland through the isthmus that appears and disappears depending on the water flow, the Greek Theatre and the concentration of historical and archaeological finds that cannot escape even the most distracted eyes.

Taormina and the Greek Theatre: the view over Naxos Bay

The first reason to love Taormina is the Greek Theatre, the first wonder of Taormina’s monuments. It was built in III B.C. and later recovered by the Romans, who used to organize the summer productions. It stands on a hill with a fabulous view that will leave you breathless.

The Theatre is not only a piece of Taormina’s archaeological heritage but also a place of incomparable panoramic beauty. From here, you can admire the bay of Naxos, the coast of Calabria, and the Etna Volcano.

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The Medieval Village of Taormina

Another valid reason to love Taormina is the medieval area. Among the indicative monuments of Taormina, we cannot forget to mention the Clock Tower that allows entry into the ancient medieval village. In fact, the whole square where the tower stands is very graceful and lively, an authentic balcony overlooking the sea with an exceptional view of the entire Gulf.

Isola Bella: Island or Peninsula?

The third reason is Isola Bella. Isola Bella is a small beach in the Ionian Sea. The beach is very beautiful, with warm and crystalline water, full of pebbles and with little sand. It has an excellent infrastructure, with chairs and parasols rentals, and bars. For those who are in Taormina, it is possible and more interesting to go by cable car, worth 3 euros.

Volcano Etna: The Eternal Domination

As we mentioned earlier, the whole territory is dominated by Volcano Etna: it is the highest in Europe and is among the highest in the world. Almost anywhere in Taormina, you can see the Etna volcano.

There are guided tours that lead to the top of the volcano, but for the more fearful and lazier, it is possible to choose a spot-on Piazza IX Aprile or in the city of Castemolla to find the best angle of the volcano. It is also possible to have wine tastings in the vineyards at the foot of the volcano. The Nero Davola grape is delicious and typical of the region. There is also a cable car that transports tourists from the base of Etna to the middle of the volcano, where there are a restaurant and souvenir shops. If you want to reach the highest craters, you need to walk about four hours on a petrified magma trail.

Now that we told you some of Taormina’s secrets, it is your turn to go there and find out many more!