If You Want To Spend An Active Weekend, Choose A Yacht In Croatia

When a long weekend arrives, it is only right to spend this time in an active way. Yacht charter is, of course, the best idea for. It only takes a few free days to jump on the yacht deck in Croatia and join the great adventure on the sea! That’s a great way to charge and pass the depressing winter aura.

Instead of a barbecue in the garden — Croatia on a yacht!

Homely picnics and events with a barbecue in the lead role have their charm, but from year to year they can get you bored. In addition, as we know, the weather in our area often likes to play tricks and may thwart our plans a bit. According to current forecasts, the temperature promises to be quite decent, but we all know how it is with forecasts — sometimes they are unreliable. If you want to outsmart them, for a May trip choose a warmer location: charter Croatia! In Croatia, the average temperature at the beginning of May is around 20 degrees. It’s the perfect climate to gradually prepare the skin against sharper sunlight.

Not only natural Croatian values

We don’t need to remind anyone that the Balkans are an extremely picturesque area. Croatia itself is incredibly diverse in terms of terrain. A large part of the land is occupied by lowland areas, although what you are probably most interested in, i.e. the coast itself, lies at the foot of the Dinaric Mountains. So we advise you to prepare for a large dose of breathtaking views and stock up on a good camera to capture the prettiest of them. In addition to the undeniable advantages when it comes to landscapes, Croatia will surprise you with well-stocked, modern ports, where the most luxurious sailing yachts, motor yachts, and catamarans moor. In addition, Croatia offers a wide range of water sports, from snorkeling and diving to the more extreme ones, such as water skiing or wakeboarding.

An unforgettable experience at a low price

The undoubted advantages of Croatia, which should ultimately encourage you to visit it, are undoubtedly relatively low prices, both when it comes to the yacht itself, but also attractions waiting on land. Considering other European locations of this type, Croatia is at the forefront in terms of affordability of prices in relation to the sensations it can provide us. For comparison, a yacht charter in Portugal can reach a price twice as high!