Is a business trip the same as traveling for tourism?

Before we begin to compare and contrast the two, first we have to understand what the two terms business trip and tourism mean.


Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest. Tourism is of great benefit to the host destinations as it tends to boost the revenue of the economy, it also creates employment for the locals in that region.

Business trips

A business trip is one in which a person travels to a different location for business purposes. A business trip aims to make a new contract agreement, raise your business profile, and introduce you to higher-profile projects. Most times business travelers on business trip participate in activities that a tourist would normally do.

The following are tourist activities that most business travelers participate in.

Hotel reservation

One of the main sources of revenue from tourism is from the hotel booking. When travelers book hotels, it generates income for the tourism sector. Hotel reservation also gives the option of booking for a cab that would be used by the traveler during the business trip.

When you want to get accommodation, you would want to get quality services and a great experience. Reading hotel brands reviews can aid you in making the right decision. You will get to know the hotels that provide great services and those that do not based on the feedback from people who have used the hotels and are unbiased since they do not have stake in the company. This is especially when you read such feedback from independent reviews platform like You can also read about every other category of travel agency you will have to patronize during your business trip on such platforms.

Visiting a historic location

Most business travelers make out time from their business trips to visit historic sites. The travelers spend more money visiting these sites which is what a tourist would normally do. They can also visit the museum, the zoo and also the beach. All these activities tend to generate revenue for the tourist industry of the local destination.


Every traveler tends to go on a shopping spree at their business location. To get items which can be for personal use or can stand in as a souvenir. The items shopped for could range from clothing, shoes, wristwatches, mobile gadgets, decorations, and much more.

Bring the family

Some business travelers, also travel with their family members while on a business trip. Bringing more people for a trip means spending more money. This is a good tourism business, the family gets to visit different places together and shop for more items. The places visited by the family could be a recreational spot or a shopping mall.

Visit restaurants

The traveler visits recommended restaurants which allows them to taste local delicacies. The more food consumed, the more money generated by the restaurant. The restaurant also provides some international cuisine which the traveler would feel comfortable trying out.

In conclusion, the term business trip can also be interchanged with business tourism since it is a blend between work and tourism. Tourism involves the commercialization of activities during holidays and it also entails traveling from one location to the other, a business trip encompasses all these criteria, since a business trip generates income for the tourism sector from the activities listed above and more, it creates more jobs for the locals while still fulfilling the main aim of the business trip which is mainly for work-related purposes. In this light, a business trip can also be termed business tourism.

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