Diwali Celebration: A Colourful Event in Dazzling Goa

People in Goa are like addicted to celebrations. You will find different fair and celebration of many events in Goa. Some of them are religious and social, and some are aesthetic too. Native lives at Goa are keen to glorious merriment and know how to enjoy actually. Celebrations in Goa are an indispensable piece of the state’s way of life and legacy.

Hindu Festivals

Practically all the Hindu celebrations have a religious source; these have turned into the celebrations of the entire state and society due to the mass intrigue. Among so many festivals, Diwali Festival in Goa is one of the most gorgeous ones that basically has gone beyond any certain religion or community. The celebration revolves around the story of demolishing devil Narkasur. Followed by the same 5 days long celebration of crackers, light, fun, music, shopping and party life goes on. Goa has a special attraction for … Read More