Hotel with the best traditional Rajasthani accommodation

1. Mihir Garh fort- If you want to have the most majestic experience and feel like a royalty from the pre-independence era, then this is the perfect destination for you. Located in Jodhpur, the palace has all the modern day facilities with its rustic charm like the courtyard, private terrace, jacuzzi, etc. The beautiful location in the middle of nowhere really gives you the opportunity to disconnect with the bustle of your everyday lives and enjoy some peace and solace. With Marwari breed horse, village safari, royal picnics, and Shikhar dinner in the moonlit Thar Desert, it is a prerequisite for all the visitors.

2. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace- If you want to live life the Maharaja style, with a huge throne where you can boss people around, then this palace is here to fulfil those dreams. Located in Jodhpur, the monument has exquisite intricate artwork with yellow sandstone … Read More