Porsche Panamera – the ultimate sedan

There are many luxurious sedans out there. Whether it´s the Mercedes Benz S-Class, the Bentley Mulsanne or the BMW 7-Series. All of them combine the best materials with state of the art technology, providing the most comfortable ride that you can imagine. While it´s definitely enjoyable to drive them, usually you have to pay a price for all that comfort. Not talking about the retail price tag, which is obviously high. Most modern luxury sedans just don´t offer the amount of agility and fun that you´ll get from driving a sportscar. Of course this is totally fine because they were not built for that purpose, but there is a brand that managed to combine luxury, comfort & sportscar dynamics.

Porsche is well known for it´s excellent sportscars, which can call themselves one of the best of the world. The iconic 911 series has a huge fanbase and develops … Read More