The Beauty of Satan’s Island and the Caribbean Queen

Caribbean Queen

Tourists while enjoying the beach charm on the Bermuda Island in the Caribbean and live aboard dive boats Caribbean. Sunlight, white sand and exotic beaches make the Caribbean Islands as one of the world’s paradise that is often visited by tourists.

The Caribbean Islands are famous for rows of islands that have the best beauty and biodiversity in the world. Sunlight, white sand, and exotic beaches make the Caribbean Islands one of the world’s paradises and you can divebooker.

Bermuda is crowned as the second most beautiful island in the world, Bermuda is a unique combination of British, American and Caribbean culture. Bermuda which belongs to British rule is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1770 km east of Miami.

Not only the beauty of the island is stunning, Bermuda has a variety of places that can be used as an alternative site such as historic, parks, and get a variety of souvenirs. According to Bermuda history was discovered a Spanish explorer named Juan de Bermudez in 1503. Bermuda was also known as the “Isle of Devils”.

In fact, Bermuda is a haven for nature lovers and a potent saturated release with a combination of pink beach sand and bluish-green water. Although Bermuda is often stormy in summer, this does not disrupt the stability of the island. Government-built infrastructure and sturdy buildings are used as shields when storms occur. Bermuda land area of 53.3 sq. km consists of 138 islands.

Eight of them are connected connecting hook-shaped bridges 21 miles long and one mile wide. From a distance, the chain islands look like a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Bermuda is a semi-tropical temperate island with a gust of cool sea breeze. Temperatures in Bermuda are about 29 degrees Celsius making this island ideal for travelers to sunbathe, swim, and do water sports. Bermuda’s underwater scenery is well known globally.

Travelers can enjoy the underwater beauty without having to wet behind the lass bottom boat. Travelers can see a variety of coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, and marine parks like underwater museums from inside the glass vessel. In addition to stunning coastal and underwater beauty, Bermuda has stunning gardens, forts, caves, and walkways.

Fantasy and Crystal Cave is the highest limestone cave in the world. Visitors will feel a different sensation when exploring the cave. In addition, Bermuda has a 36 hectare botanical garden with 1,000 varieties of live plants. Different island differences sensation, like most Caribbean Islands, Nevis Island presents a special panorama of the sea.

The island is included in the Federated States of Saint Kitts and Nevis is crowned as the most beautiful island. The island of Nevis is located in the Leeward Islands, the Caribbean region of the America’s southeast of Saint Kitts, Nevis has all the elements of a pleasant beach vacation spot.

Large waves and underwater trips to observe marine life provide different experiences for travelers. Nevis is located 200 miles south of Puerto Rico and a few miles west of Antigua surrounded by natural vegetation and inhabited by 10,000 residents. Above 3,232 feet above sea level, underneath Nevis peak lies the captivating flora and fauna underwater.

Water clarity on the beach allows visitors to enjoy the hidden underwater beauty. It is no exaggeration to call Nevis a “Caribbean Queen” because of its natural beauty. Travelers can also take a trip to various towns in Nevis to explore the structure of the building and its history.

Around the island, there are historic ancient architectural buildings and museums such as Charlestown, Nevis History Museum, and Christena’s Memoriam Plaque.