The best places to do winter sports in the UK

Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are lots of fun. Winter does not have to keep you in all day. You can enjoy doing these sports with your family or friends. Here are some of the best places to do winter sports in the UK:

Glenshee Ski Centre and the Lecht

When it comes to skiing in the UK, there is no better place than Scotland. You can take the overnight sleeper train to the Scottish Highlands to enjoy great snow sporting activities. Glenshee is the largest ski area in Scotland with lots of red and blue runs and an area for beginners. It also has a backcountry you can explore too. Also, the Lecht is a resort located in Aberdeenshire that you will enjoy skiing on. It is over 2000 feet above sea level and has plenty of green runs. Visiting some of these locations might require you to get a hotel accommodation for a few nights as well as get the right dresses. You should see hotel reviews to find the hotels close to the location you intend to visit and know which one will be best for you. You can also stock up on clothes by patronizing Berrylook dresses or other reliable companies that sell clothes after reading their reviews.

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Glencoe mountain resort and the Nevis range

Glencoe, a mountain resort based in Scotland, is perhaps one of the most photographed places. It has the appearance of a beautiful cottage surrounded by lots of mountain faces. There are varying runs of difficulty but it is a great place for skiing and snowboarding. You can take some lessons before you start exploring the resort if you are not too sure of your skill. Another great place to do winter sports in the UK is the Nevis Range. It has over 30 runs and an interesting backcountry to explore. It also contains Ben Nevis, which is the largest mountain in Scotland. However, ensure you have the appropriate knowledge and are well-equipped.

Hillend Ski Centre and Cairngorm Ski Resort

Hillend ski centre is a 30-minutes trip away from the centre of Edinburgh. Even though it is a dry slope, it is much more during winter. It has lots of fun and if you are well-equipped for backcountry exploration, you can access the Pentland Hills and mix with the plenty skiers there. Also, the CainGrom Ski Resort is another place you want to check out. However, you have to confirm from the authorities if you can ride the mountain before you set out. It is one of the best places for snowboarding and skiing when it is available.

Raise and Yad Moss in Cumbria

During perfect snowy seasons, Raise in Cumbria is one of those places you can do some proper skiing. Its runs are left to be tended by nature so it can get a bit bumpy; as such, you have to be careful because things can get unpredictable. The upsides include a vast and spectacular view and great snow you can ride on. Additionally, Yad Moss is a great place too. Located between Alston and Stanhope, just where Cumbria borders Durhams, the skiing and the conditions are good. It serves as the longest single button lift in the UK and has wide-open pistes which are neatly tended. However, if there is a lot of snow, you might have to dig your car to get out of the parking;it. Besides, the place is mostly busy.

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