The Perfect off Road Adventure: How to Plan Your Next Trip

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There’s nothing quite like an off-road trip. Armed with food, supplies, and a vehicle prepared for the uneven terrain, outdoor enthusiasts venture into the wilderness. The off road trip planner may struggle during the preparation process, however. From choosing essential equipment to deciding on a destination, the planning process is filled with difficult decisions. Here are a few tips for off-road aficionados trying to plan their next trip.

Develop the Skills for the Terrain

Not all terrains require the same driving skill set. If you’re going off-road in the desert, for example, you’ll need a different set of skills than if you were going off-road in a muddy forest. Before you begin your trip, practice with your vehicle in a controlled environment. Make sure you know how to deal with potential obstacles, whether they’re likely to be sand dunes or unmovable boulders. If you need extra help, seek training from experts at an OHV park or a nearby overland expo.

Vehicle Modifications

When you’ve chosen you’re off-road terrain, consider your vehicle. You need it to withstand the duration of your trip. Can it tackle the terrain in its current state, or does it need to be modified for livability and durability? A four-wheel drive truck modified to perform tricks in the OHV Park may not have the practical components you’ll need for long-term travel. Consider adding features like steel bumpers, locking differentials, and one to three-inch lifts.

The Right Gear

Choosing the right gear is one of the most important steps of the off-road planning process. First, you need equipment for potential repairs. On off-road adventures, the tires are the component most susceptible to wear and tear. Many drivers pack a spare tire, as well as essential tire changing tools. Also helpful? First aid kits, portable stoves, water purifiers, and extra fuel.

To have a safe off-road trip, you need to prepare. If you choose the right destination, the right vehicle, and the right equipment, you’re sure to have the time of your life!

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