Tips to Find Cheap Hotels in India

You can make the most of a tour whether it is a holiday or a business trip if you have the right place to stay. You can find a plethora of hotels of all types and in varying budgets wherever you go. With so many hotels, finding cheap hotels is often a daunting task. So, how do you find a hotel that best fits your budget and requirement? Well, one must compare various hotels with each other and zero in on an ideal hotel that does not compromise with the quality of its services and facilities, just because of its low cost.

A few useful tips and tricks are listed below and are sure to help you find cheap hotels;

Tip 1: Consider room tariff and location

Whenever you are looking to find cheap hotels, always remember that ‘cheap’ includes two costs. One is the actual cost of the hotel and the second is the cost of transportation from your hotel to the desired location. This means that the sum of the hotel cost + the transport cost should be the main deciding factor. If this is the case, then a moderately priced hotel in a nearby location should be given more preference than a cheap hotel situated in a far-off location.

Tip 2: Stay through the mid-week

This tip is for travelers who can modify the schedule of their trips. Most locations are usually crowded on the weekends as most people get time to travel on weekends only or during a holiday break. As a result, the hotel bookings are highly in demand during these days and so the rate of the rooms may also escalate. So, if you have the flexibility of choosing dates, then travel mid-week as the hotels will be available at a much cheaper rate during that time. This tip can also extend to seasons. If you have an option, skip traveling or booking a hotel during peak seasons and plan your travel in a lean season to ensure that you get cheaper deals.

Tip 3: Share costs whenever possible

If you are traveling with a group of friends, colleagues or other family members, then instead of booking separate rooms, you can try booking a single suite with multiple rooms. By doing this, you can maintain your privacy; and at the same time, also reduce the costs as you will be sharing the rent with other people. You can also share rooms and can considerably cut down on the cost of booking extra rooms.

Tip 4: Plan ahead and pre-book

Booking a hotel near the date of travel will give you many expensive prices. If the hotel rooms are much in demand, then the price of a room is ought to escalate. It is always best to book a room much in advance to avoid paying a big amount.

Tip 5: Do prior research

Always do enough research before booking a hotel. Many hotels may advertise the availability of cheap rooms with maximum benefits but they may not have any of the desired amenities. In order to avoid disappointment, it is best to check the room details nicely before finally going ahead with the booking. Not all hotel websites are reliable. Reading customer reviews help as they give a good idea about the hotels.

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