Travel Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

If you’re going on a weekend getaway this summer, then no doubt you’ve got some serious packing to do. Whether you’re embarking on an exciting road trip adventure or jet-setting off to another city, here’s a guide to the travel essentials you’ll be needing for your stay:

Journey Essentials

If you’re catching a flight to your destination or hopping on a train, there are some journey must-haves you won’t want to travel without. For plane journeys, nothing passes the time better than a good book. Stock up on a couple so you can read in your downtime during your trip too. There are also newspaper and magazine apps you can download on your phone to read on the journey, which is great if you’re limited to suitcase space. Make sure you bring a bottle of water and antibacterial wipes or hand gel (which always comes in useful).

What to Pack

What you pack for your weekend getaway depends entirely on where you are going! If you’re going on a sunny beach getaway then your suitcase should be full to the brim with beachwear essentials including sunscreen and swimwear. Feeling like you’ve not packed enough variety of outfit choices on holiday can often lead you to buy things while you’re out there! So stick with basic pieces that you can mix and match during your stay. For a city break, it’s best to keep it casual with some mens streetwear clothing and loungewear. You’ll likely be doing plenty of sightseeing, so bring some comfortable trainers or sandals.

Extras for the Trip

If you’re headed somewhere you’ve not been before, then download a travel app to plan your trip. Not only can you keep track of your flights and connections, but you can also add in day trips and excursions. It’s always worth keeping a language app on your phone for those awkward interactions if you’re not familiar with the language. If you’ve got the room in your luggage, then keep it old school with a tourist book for the area – which can also show you information on the best restaurants and things to do and see. You’ll want to capture the memories of the trip, so why not switch it up by bringing a disposable camera instead of always using your phone?

Get Ready

Now you’ve got everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway. You’ve got all your flight necessities, your suitcase packed and your trip planned. Be sure to prepare a checklist of everything you’ll need too, just to be safe that nothing is forgotten!